We have started this year Mayu’s Senbatsu election supporting activities! We aim at helping those Mayu fans that don't know how to vote or can't conveniently buy CDs to vote for Mayu.

We are offering service to help fans that are willing to support Mayu to purchase Ballot Tickets and we also provide service of voting on your behalf.
If you choose to vote yourself, ALL tickets can ONLY be vote for MAYU.

Depending on your region, we provide the following approaches for payment:

Portal Remittance:
 1) Hong Kong (Through Heng Seng Bank and HSBC) 50hkd/per ticket
 2) Taiwan bank account (200NTD/per 100 ticket, 230NTD/ per ticket)
 3) American Bank account (7 USD/per ticket)
 4) Austrian Bank account  (9 AUD/Per ticket)
 5) Malaysia Bank account  (35 RM/Per 13 SGD/Per ticket)

Through Paypal

*The price of tickets are not fixed, changes might be made. The earlier you join us, the price of tickets would be cheaper!

■ Process
  ① Raise money
  ② Remit to Japan & Hong Kong
  ③ Purchase Ballot Tickets in Hong Kong (Stores) & Japan (Stores & Yahoo Auction etc.)
  ④ ALL Ballot Tickets will be vote for Mayu

Contacts to Approach if you want to participate in our supporting action, or if you have any questions or concern, please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask!

LINE: mayutan326 (Taiwan ONLY)

Facebook Page AKB48 渡辺麻友 - Watanabe Mayu

Facebook: Watanabe Yoru

[MY&SG]新马渡边麻友总选群(MY&SG Watanabe Mayu SSK group) (Malaysia & Singapore ONLY)

Facebook: Ron Lim (Malaysia & Singapore ONLY)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mihawwww

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DO NOT trust any form of supporting action or money raising news that are not originally from sources mention above.

  Please read ALL the information above and make sure that you understand all of them. ONLY participate our supporting action when you fully understand our terms and trust our team.  If you have any questions about the information above, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Q: Why do we need to raise money in such early stage?
A: This is because the sooner you raise money, cheaper the tickets are.  It is hard to get tickets when it is very close to the day of election. Even if we were able to, the price would be extremely high.

Q: If there are no Senbatsu Election this year, we you refund all our payments?
A: Yes.

Q: If we purchase tickets but didn’t vote for Mayu, what will happen?
A: We truly believe that every Mayu Fan is trust-worthy. As we have already clearly stated that all tickets can ONLY vote for Mayu, if we found out that the tickets did not vote for Mayu, we will stop providing you the remaining tickets, and would put you into our blacklist.


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